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Yale University

New Haven, CT

3-d Laser Scanning and Revit model for Yale UniversityNew Haven, CT

Project Description

Housing approximately 4 million volumes, Sterling Memorial Library is the largest library on the Yale campus and serves as the center of the library system. In support to the design team of AKF Group (New York), 3-D Building Technologies scanned the main space of the Library and converted the point-cloud model into a 3-d Revit model for use in computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis of the space.

Project Involvement

Thirty five scans were taken of the main space (pictured above) and the adjacent study and circulation areas. "Target" reference points were placed throughout the spaces and scanning was accomplished at the main floor level. Detail found in the ceilings (55' high) and in the art-glass gothic windows was judged to be "outstanding". All scans registered properly on the first run of processing.


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